Pilgrims of art
Australian Book Review, 01-09-2018, Vivien Gaston
Having crossed the bustling Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the visitor soon encounters a small piazza with a shaded entrance to che church of Santa Felicita and gladly enters the cool grey stone interior. On the right, behind an iron gate, a painting of Christ’ Deposition (1526-28) illuminates a side chapel, beaming colours of neon intensity, aqua
blue, raspberry, and lime green. Christ’s body is transported by a host of intertwined figures, yearning and dolorous. In a bodysuit of fluorescent pink, a youth crounches underneath Christ’s legs, yet he seems to bear no weight other than that of grief. Mary and herattendants bid farewell to Christ in a mesmerising dance- like riutual.
one can fail to be enthralled by this charimatic work, including Jonah Jones. With an extensive career in art exhibitions and management, he is concerned above all with the public recepition of Pontormo. He takes the reader with him on an inclusive and informative mmission to ensure the recognition this highly origimal artist deserves.
An introduction to Pontormo
“A great but neglected painter and draftsman of the first part of the 16th century”