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Napoli ‘fin de siècle’
Fotografia Artistica Pasquale e Achille Esposito

Mauro Pagliai, 2022

Curated by:

Giovanni Fanelli

Fabio Speranza

Pages: 224

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 24x31

ISBN: 978-88-564-0510-1


Attraverso la Fotografia, 6


TL8 / Fotografia

SS5 / Antropologia

DSU1 / Storia

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Italian text

The book is dedicated to the Neapolitan photographers Pasquale and Achille Esposito, whose activity covers a period of time ranging from the 1880s to the first decade of the Twentieth century. Their production, around 1,200 copies, mainly consists of prints of two formats: large (about 19.5x25 cm) with the title incorporated in the negative, and small (about 12.5x17.5 cm) without title and mostly with number of negative inside the image. In addition to popular costumes and genre scenes, the Espositos created architectural, urban and landscape views and a good number of reproductions of art masterpieces.