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Roy Roger’s
“Non c’è futuro se non hai una vera storia” / “There is no future if you do not have a real history”

Mauro Pagliai, 2008

Curated by:

Maurizio Naldini

Pages: 176

Features: col ills, hardcover,

Size: 24,5x34

ISBN: 978-88-564-0048-9


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Italian and English text

This volume follows the history of the first Italian company to make and sell blue jean apparel. The protagonist is the manufacturer 7 Bell, the company that produced Roy Roger’s after the war, today under the leadership of Fulvio Biondi. Francesco Bacci, the first to have the capabilty to make original blue jeans in Italy, made the only choice possible: he connected his product to the legend of the stars and stripes, interlacing the fabric and the myth. To do it, he pushed the story of the wandering tailor, Roy Rogers, who incidentally was not so dissimilar to his father or himself, being constrained to go every day to new markets and fairs, always in a different town.
Richly illustrated in color, one can read this book as a stimulating history of society, style and communications in advertising, but also as the history of a marketing strategy. "On the other hand," affirms journalist Maurizio Naldini, "can you compare a stagecoach to a cart drawn by a donkey? For this reason it seems ungenerous, in fact impossible to compredend given the time period, the criticism held by many that at the beginning the brand Roy Roger’s used a ‘plain and unsophisticated’ logo, a ‘country’ image. On the contrary, it was quite ingenious to know how to collect a harvest of characteristics of that other world on every poster, and without a shadow of a doubt.”
Thus the legend nurtured the logo and at the same time, in the eyes of the consumer, the legend itself grew.