Mauro Pagliai Editore | Firenze | Scheda Libro

Verrocchio and the Renaissance Atelier

Mauro Pagliai, 2001

Curated by:

Liletta Fornasari

Carlo Starnazzi

Pages: 144

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 14x21

ISBN: 978-88-8304-334-5


Leonardo e dintorni, 1


A1 / Storia dell’arte

€ 7,91

€ 9.3 | Risparmio € 1,40 (15%)

English text

This book comes after the new exhibit Leonardo and surrondings, curated by Liletta Fornasari. The exhibit presents a head portraying S. Donato (patron saint of Arezzo) by Andrea del Verrocchio. In addition to Verrocchio’s work, other important pieces from Tuscan Renaissance workshop will be presented.
The theme of Leonardo’s landscapes of Arezzo, preceded by the Madonna of the Yarnwinder exhibit, has been enriched by Carlo Starnazzi with references to the Virgin of the Rocks and the Mona Lisa, returning to observations, along the Arno’s path, that provide the special Leonardesque link between science and art.