Dino Campana

Dino Campana was born in Marradi on the 20th August 1885. He attended the high school in Faenza and got his diploma in Turin. In 1904 he enrolled both to the cadet school in Ravenna and the University of Bologna, faculty of sciences. After one unsuccessful exam he mapped out the first of his numerous escapes. in 1913 he went to Florence to meet Papini and Soffici and gave to them the manuscript of his “poetic short stories and poems” that he had been collecting for about ten years. His debut in the literary world was controversial: Soffici lost the manuscript, which reappeared only fifty-eight years later. Campana had to rewrite the lost collection by heart, and negotiated with the typographer Ravaglia from Marradi for the printing process. In June 1914 are released the “Canti Orfici”. In 1916 he met Sibilla Aleramo: it was the beginning of an impetuous and desperate love. The psychological disorders that were already showing in his youth got worse, he started going in and out clinics. In 1918 he is sectioned in the long-stay clinic of Castel Pulci. In 1928, he received the new edition of his “Canti Orifici”, wanted by the publisher Attilio Vallecchi. On 27th February he suddenly becam ill and did three days later, on 1st of March. In the picture: Dino Campana in a sketch by Alberto Sughi from the 50s. 

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