Renzo Rossellini
Renzo Rossellini (August 24, 1941 in Rome, Italy) first collaborated with his father, Roberto Rossellini, as an assistant director and, later, as his producer until 1977. Then, he founded and served as chairman of “Gaumont Italia” and, later, “Artisti Associati Spa”. With these companies, he produced, financed and distributed more than 100 films including: La città delle donne (1980), Prova d’orchestra (1978) and E la nave va (1983) by Federico Fellini, Fanny & Alexander (1982) by Ingmar Bergman, Il mondo nuovo (1982) by Ettore Scola, Il marchese del Grillo (1981) and Amici miei (1975) by Mario Monicelli, Chiedo asilo (1979), the first film of Roberto Benigni as actor, by Marco Ferreri, L’ultimo metrò (1980) by François Truffaut, Querelle de Brest (1982) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, La pelle (1981) by Liliana Cavani, Nostalghia (1983) by Andrei Tarkovsky, Les trois frères (1995) and Carmen (1984) by Francesco Rosi, Sogni d’oro (1981) by Nanni Moretti, Il Don Giovanni (1979) by Joseph Losey, Cotton Club (1984) by Francis Ford Coppola, Ragtime (1981) by Milos Forman and Identificazione di una donna (1982) by Michelangelo Antonioni. He was the assistant director and producer for his father, Roberto Rossellini, from 1957 to 1974. Renzo Rossellini teaches production and film direction at Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba, and he also teaches at New University of Cinema and TV in Rome, at the Foundation for Development and Democracy in Santo Domingo. Renzo Rossellini is also the President of the Roberto Rossellini Foundation.
by Renzo Rossellini