Cristina Acidini

Cristina Acidini was born in Florence, where she lives and work. Art historian and writer, she was the director of the “Opificio delle Pietre Dure” and since 2006 has superintended the “Polo Museale Fiorentino”, and institution that gathers more than twenty civic museums and historical gardens located in the district of Florence. The several experiences she had abroad have been fundamental for her formation, especially those in the USA, where she, as Eisenhower Fellow, has studied the management and functioning of art museums. She shared her impressions and information in her book  “Il museo d’arte americano: Dietro le quinte di un mito.”, published in 1999. She was part of governmental commissions and international associations. She received several recognitions, such as the “Premio Salimbeni”, “Nelli award”, “Firenze donna”. She applied her writing abilities to her profession, writing and editing books about Medici family and their artistic commissions, about Florence artists during the Renaissance, and especially about Michelngelo as painter and sculptor. Moreover, she approached the narrative scene with two novels that have been highly appreciated.
As she worked with restoration in more than one occasion, she developed passion and knowledge about the fresco technique, deeply rooted in the art tradition of Tuscany. In this book, her wider comment is about the production of Luciano Guarnieri as a fresco painter. Her aim is to highlight the skills of the artist in this antique technique, that is a real challenge for those who approach it, and that Guarnieri mastered superbly. 

Curated by Cristina Acidini