Bruno Cicognani

Bruno Cicognani was born in Florence in 1879 (he died in 1971). He wrote collections of stories, such as Seistorielle di nuovoconio (1917), Gente di conoscenza (1918), Il figurinaio e le figurine (1920), and novels, such as La Velia (1923), Villa Beatrice (1931), and the autobiographical novel L’età favolosa(1940).
His fiction founded inspiration in the narrative work based on sketching techniques, typical of the Tuscan tradition represented by Fucini and Pratesi. However, he introduced a new concern, a suffered participation to the characters’ misfortunes.
In his latest works he turned his attention towards Christian spiritualism: Viaggio nella vita (1952), La nuora (1954). Cicognanialso wrote dramatic works, such as Yo, el Rey (1957).

by Bruno Cicognani