Piero Ianniello

Piero Ianniello was born in Cassino in 1971, and in 1996 he moved to Prato where he has lived ever since. He graduated in foreign literature and is involved in several activities, such as freelance journalism and professional training. Social commitment has always been a priority for him, and led him into contact with ethnic and social minorities. Recently he started teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners, thus acquiring an deeper insight into the many communities living in Italy, in particular the Chinese one, in Prato.
He has dedicated himself to creative writing for many years, has been awarded several prizes, and has published some short-stories and essays on local history. He is back to writing again after four years of silence, as he sees in writing his most natural and ideal dimension. Via della Cina (Pagliai 2012) is his first novel.

by Piero Ianniello