Andrea Spini
Andrea Spini is associate professor of General Sociology and director of the Department of Social Studies at the faculty of Learning Sciences, Florence University. After his studies on contemporary philosophical culture (expecially french), his research interests have focused on sociological problems about power, welfare state and contemporary religious thought. Deputy director of CISRECO (International Center for Studies on Contemporary Religious), he joined national and international research projects on this subject. Among them was “European Identity Welfare State Religion(s)” from which the article Voluntary Service Groups: Reference Models (in After the Militant, the Volunteer beyond the Secularization, edited by Arnaldo Nesti, Milan 2000) and the essay I confini del Mediterraneo. Etnicità, nazione, religione tra Europa e America latina (Pisa, 2004) were written. Since 2004 he is concerned about management problems of educational istitutions (he published Il management e l’organizzazione scolastica, in La formazione della dirigenza scolastica, edited by Simonetta Ulivieri, Pisa 2005) and about migration. He is about to finish a study on “immigration and social change in Tuscany”, promoted by Regione Toscana.
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