Who we are
After having established and directed for many decades the publisher Polistampa, Mauro Pagliai accepted another challenge and set up a new publishing house: Mauro Pagliai Editore, with the objective of achieving a first-rank position in the Italian publishing world. With the experience, the contacts and the professionalism acquired in so many years in Polistampa, Mauro Pagliai proposes a completely new publishing project addressed to the large public. Beside the maintenance of a tight bond of continuity with the best of the Polistampa production, the new publisher presents itself in the Italian publishing world with a unique proposal of authors, talents, classic and contemporary literature, art and essays. “Excellent authors for excellent books” is the imperative of Mauro Pagliai’s new adventure, already anticipated by a series of books issued with the temporary publisher’s mark “Pagliai-Polistampa”; for example the fiction series directed by Enzo Siciliano from 2000. First-rate figures and literary works of our century’s literature will be published: for example the writer Rodolfo Doni, as well as other novelists, critics or polemicists, like Diego Cimara, head of Rai (the Italian national broadcasting corporation) culture news, or essays and studies on Humanism, edited by the prestigious Classicism Studies Center. The new publishing house’s ambition is to publish both the unknown talents and the “heavyweights”of the Italian literary outline and to strengthen, at the same time, the bond with the most important literary prizes and festivals, the universities and the research centers, as well as the most prestigious and accredited Italian art exhibitions. Trade distribution and promotion will be carried on the entire national net. To realize this ambitious publishing project, Mauro Pagliai constituted an editorial staff of young professionals and collaborators that, under the direction of his son Antonio, wants to be competitive with the great publishing houses and opened to new cultural researches and talents. Offering a large and various range of same, based on a rigorous selection of the works, Mauro Pagliai decided to do a qualitative leap and to enter decisively the Italian publishing world.