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Lo strano caso di Fini e il suo doppio nell’Italia che cambia
Tutte le anomalie della XVI legislatura e oltre

Mauro Pagliai, 2013

Pages: 240

Features: paperback

Size: 15x21

ISBN: 978-88-564-0271-1


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Italian text

With scientific accuracy and captivating style, Paolo Armaroli reconstructs the various anomalies of the last Italian legislature:  from the two-faced role played by Gianfraco Fini, President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Party Leader at the same time, to Napolitano “working overtime” in order to support institutions, from the pre-announced resignations of Berlusconi’s and Monti’s governments (anticipating those of the Pope), to a Parliament gradually deprived of authority by executive orders and delegated legislation.
Here in Italy – as the author underlines – anomalies never end: with the new legislature inaugurated on March 15th, we have sunk from transient to precarious, because the bipolar system does not work anymore, and the ghost of Weimar looms over the palaces of Rome. Like in Germany between the two wars, ministerial instability and anticipated dissolutions of the Parliament can condemn our fragile democracy to death. One more time, the Quirinale has to find the key to governability’s puzzle, while Matteo Renzi prepares himself for the return match. Here’s how a Republic born parliamentary has in fact unconsciously become presidential, due to the inconclusiveness of its political class. Beppe Grillo included.

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