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Sopra l’acqua e sugli alberi
Un’insolita guida di Venezia

Mauro Pagliai, 2012

Pages: 88

Features: b/w ills, pentagon format, paperback

Size: 12x17

ISBN: 978-88-564-0229-2


Le non guide, 7


DSU1 / Storia

TL7 / Geografia, viaggio, guide

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An alternative itinerary to the most beautiful and most visited town in the world. The recipes amplify the personal view of one of the greatest venetians hotelkeepers
Italian text

A Venice you don’t expect, hidden behind the mask of the touristic and most known one. A path for lovers that initiates and reveals calli and secret sottoporteghi, inscriptions and jokes, traditions and anecdotes, taverns and markets.
In the footsteps of Casanova and today’s venetians discovering the eternal and deepest magic of the lagoon town, but also the recipe of the one and original Bellini, the dried slated cod and the liver venetian style.

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