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Il pianto dei ciliegi
Un amore a Tōkyō

Mauro Pagliai, 2011

Pages: 96

Features: paperback

Size: 12x17

ISBN: 978-88-564-0176-9


Formula30, 9


L2 / Romanzi

TL7 / Geografia, viaggio, guide

€ 5,53

€ 6.5 | Risparmio € 0,98 (15%)

“Pages that convey emotions like music from the East” (Paolo Ciampi)

Italian text

“I am obsessed by the outlines of faces, the cuts of the eyes, the soft shapes of shadows amid the pines. Trees like samurais, facing the sea, fearless and strong. I let the splendor seep into me, drop by drop. More often, my throat tightens. Strange echoes, strange beaches, a shears cuts stripes in them half-way. A music sounds, a distant, elusive lament. And I feel lonely.”

Rina and Akito are young and naïve. She is a language teacher who has moved to Japan; he is the heir to a rigid, traditional family. They meet and fall in love in modern, luminous Tokyo. But the tragic tsunami of March 2011 bears down on their lives…
A novel in a suggestive setting, rich with references to Japanese culture. A story about losing and finding each other again. An inner landscape, dense with pain but brimming with light.