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150 anni dall’Unità
Italia ce la puoi fare
15 giovani, un racconto, 150 proposte

Mauro Pagliai, 2011

Curated by:

Marco Bani

Dario Nardella

Pages: 288

Features: br.

Size: 15x21

ISBN: 978-88-564-0175-2


Passaparola, 15


L3 / Racconti

SS1 / Politica

SS2 / Economia

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“I commend this book for its imaginative approach and the confident spirit that informs its narrative and proposals…” (Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy)

Italian text

Italia ce la puoi fare (Italy, you can do it) is intended as a portrait of our country through the story of a resolute, idealistic woman named Italia. Covering 15 topics, 15 authors in 15 short stories recount her life from childhood to adulthood, while addressing the vices and virtues of Italian society. The authors are young, represent a spectrum of cultural and political views, and have already started careers in public life as managers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, executives, and economists—putting forward ideas and practical proposals on how to change the country. Each chapter deals with a specific topic viewed from the dual perspective of Italia’s personal life and the author’s social and political analysis. The chapters offers an in-depth approach to current issues. They thus combine story-telling with analysis based on the latest information and data. Italy, you can do it is a cry of hope, an appeal not to succumb to pessimism but to rely on the passion and new energies of our time.
 The volume opens with a letter from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, a preface by Enzo Cheli, and a foreword by the editors. The chapters are by Tobia Zevi, Ilaria Malinverni (with Valentina Mazzoni), Marco Bani, Walter Mazzucco, Lorenzo Vignali, David Ragazzoni, Gaia Checcucci, Luca Turcheria, Ivano Russo, Nicola Centrone, Jacopo Morelli, Alessandro Portinaro, Andrea Di Benedetto, Dinora Mambrini, and Silvia Rigacci (with Fernanda Faini). The conclusion is by Dario Nardella.

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