Giuliano Serafini

Giuliano Serafini is one of the foremost experts on Alberto Burri. In addition to numerous publications and conferences, he has curated public exhibitions of the artist's work in Athens, Madrid, Ljubljana and Florence. In Italy and abroad he has curated and presented exhibitions of Pistoletto, Kiefer, Marino Marini, Karavan, Carrà, Bagnoli, Umberto Mariani and Elisabeth Chaplin, among others.
As a specialist in modern and contemporary Greek art, he has curated in Italy and Greece exhibitions of the leading Greek artists of today: Halepàs, Tsoclis, Tetsis, Sorogas, Gaitis, Simossi, Karàs and Chrissocopoulos.
For Giunti Editore he has written dossiers and monographs on Burri, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Matisse, Goya, Cézanne, Surrealism and Art Nouveau.
Giuliano Serafini lives and works in Florence.

by Giuliano Serafini
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