Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly was born in Sacramento California. He earned a BA in Philosophy from UC Berkeley in 1981. He worked for nearly twenty years in the Television industry mainly on the West coast. He served as a director and partner in local TV stations in Seattle and Sacramento. He is the past Chairman of Chyron Corporation (now ChyronHego, ticker: chyr). He has had a lifelong passion for military history. America Invades: How America has invaded or been Militarily Involved with nearly every Country on Earth, co-authored with Stuart Laycock, was his first book. Italy Invades: How Italians Conquered the World, by Kelly/Laycock was published in 2015 and translated into Italian on 2017 (Italy Invades. Il popolo che ha conquistato il mondo, Mauro Pagliai, Firenze). This book covers Italian Invasions in a broad sense including the Romans invading Iraq, the explorations of Columbus, Mussolini’s misadventures, Italian-Americans serving in WW2, and Italian peacekeepers serving around the globe. Christopher Kelly edited a memoir about the outbreak of World War I that was written by his great grandfather, Thomas Tileston Wells. It was published as An Adventure in 1914 in November 2016. Kelly and Laycock are also working on America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil which will be a state by state guide to how America was invaded over its history: it will be published in 2017. Christopher Kelly is married and has three children. He lives in London and Seattle.

by Christopher Kelly