Paolo Piani

Comic books writer, Paolo Piani lives and works in Florence, Italy. He attended the International School of Comics, where he got a diploma in Comics Drawing (1993-1995) and Writing (1996). He published a few short stories: Un dono dal cielo (A Gift from the Sky), La scelta del nemico (The Enemy’s Choice), Uomini e lupi (Men and Wolves), La caduta di Dakkrah (Dakkrah’s Falling), Un mondo modellabile (A World You Can Shape). On 2011 he wrote his first novel, La cena degli ex (A Supper with Former Classmates), an entertaining, ironical and nostalgic story about the author’s quest to find and reunite all of his old schoolmates. Thriller novels published: Un povero diavolo (Mauro Pagliai, Florence 2012) and I custodi del purgatorio (Mauro Pagliai, Florence 2013).

by Paolo Piani