Sebastiano Zanetello

Sebastiano Zanetello, born in Bassano del Grappa in 1955, lives and works in Vicenza, where he is an architect and teacher of Drawing and History of Arts. He likes using word as they were bricks to let his students forget they are in a school.
When he was a child, he spent his recovery time reading Il tesoro del ragazzo italiano (The Italian Boy’s Treasure). He learnt by memory Francesco Redi’s lines and wanted to emulate Filippo Brunelleschi. During his teenage years, he used to get bored in the morning at the scientific high school and, in the afternoon, he enjoyed the reading of Linus, with the puns of the mysterious Wutki. However, he would have gone back again to the high school, as a teacher: you pay for everything. During his youth, he was struck by surprise by the professor of Mathematical Analysis giving him the highest mark at his first university exam. As a result, he started studying in a serious way and got his degree with honours. He never got married and had no children: he enjoyed his nephews and wrote texts and playful rhymes for his friends and their children. As an architect, he took part in the 3rd International Architecture Exhibition - Biennale of Venice (1985) and won the national contest for the building of a fountain at the Hospital of Vicenza, together with the sculptor Giancarlo Frison, in 1995. He wrote the book Zuppa romana (Pagliai 2012) and the collection of “rhymes for all ages” CentoConte: Ha chiamato la cacchina… perché arriva domattina!, Il corvo con la cra-cravatta, Giro, giro quadro… tutto va a soqquadro!, Filastrocche del matto mattone (Sarnus 2012), Ninna nanna del sonno elefante, A Capua un papua che fa?, La giraffa, sai la sciarpa che s’arraffa?, T’amo, o pio bo’, in riva a rio Bo (Sarnus 2013) and Se va in bagno l’uomo ragno (2015).

by Sebastiano Zanetello
Curated by Sebastiano Zanetello